About Me.

Personal Trainer, YouTuber, and Father

McKinley Griggs

When I was younger I guess you could say I was kinda fit, or skinny… let’s say skinny. As I got a little older and started building my family time for myself started shifting to more time with the family.

So I ended up not so skinny in fact I was overweight by a lot. Now don’t get me wrong I love spending time with my family, the fun nights out the all you can eat buffets, and let’s not forget all kinds of buttered popcorn. But as I kept that up I ended up more tired more wore down which led to less time with my family.

So enter fitness. I found a little bit of time after work to go to the gym and get myself into a more healthy lifestyle. But where does that leave my family if you have ever dieted before you know the fun nights out where you can have all those awesome butter filled food will come to a halt. Or does it?!

That is why I am starting this site and why I have started a Youtube Channel I want families out there to know that you can diet and exercise and still have a great time and eat just about whatever you want. Make sure to follow our journey and learn from our experiences and our mistakes.